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The RISO Educator… for Education & Institutions

RISO Digital Duplicator/Printers are meeting all the printing needs and expectations of various customers worldwide in Education Segment. It is counted as a one of the precious asset/ equipment in the office to meet the on demand printing.

It operates over 250,000 Educational Institutions of repute in more than 150 countries, utilizing unique Japanese Technology, harnessing the power of Internet interfacing as an IT enabled solution.

Riso today provides millions of customers across the world with access to information at high speed, low cost through print communication in various Educational institutions such as...

  1. Schools
  2. Colleges
  3. Universities
  4. Training Institutes
  5. Tutorials

All use RISO for their Print communication needs - to enhance the Quality & of their Education for some of their most critical as well as routine requirements for printing…
  1. Question papers
  2. Class Tests
  3. Assignment Sheets
  4. Study materials
  5. Circulars & forms
  6. Newsletters
  7. Envelopes …and many more.

Some of the key Benefits that RISO deliver to Educational Institutions…

  1. Low cost per print
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Ease of use
  4. Time efficiency
  5. On-demand

Versatile & Relaible RISO
You can Print on a wide variety of paper types (Normal Copier to Duplicating, Typing Papers, Thick paper, Even Cards, Recycled papers without compromising on quality.

The superior Japanese technology makes the Riso Duplicator/Printers extremely robust & very reliable. It operates under all kinds of climatic environments non stop continuously, moreover the RISO doesn't get heated up unlike other machines. Due to its very low power consumption, most RISO models can operate even on a small PC UPS too.

Cost Effective RISO

With Riso's Digital Duplicating- Printing technology – More you Print, the Cheaper it gets. Riso delivers one of the lowest comparable Print Costs, ability to use low cost Paper & very low power consumption.

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