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The RISO… Administrator for Government Segment
Efficient, Economical, Easy to Use

In India , Riso 'Administrator' is an integral part of over 5000 Government offices and plays vital role in low cost, high speed, on demand printing. The company understands the needs of Modern Administration.

Modernization is a must for increasing productivity, Efficiency & Good Governance. Use Riso ‘Administrator' for Legible, Clear & Cost Effective Print Solution

To ensure an Effective & Responsive Administration in India , Riso India has THE RISO ‘ADMINISTRATOR” For Cost effectiveness & Convenience in Printed Communication.

The Riso Administrator is used for printing Parliamentary / Legislative papers, Circulars, Reports, Cause lists, Tenders, Lists, Gazettes, Notifications, forms of many type..... all at the touch of a button

Efficient Riso Administrator

The Riso Administrator is efficient. It helps you to increase your productivity by printing at a speed of upto 180 pages per minute ( 10800 prints per hour) . So any long run print jobs are finished well within the deadlines.

With its ability to print from source originals (scanner), or directly from P.C. or over the computer network, the Riso Administrator is a versatile print solution for all you multi print needs.

It can print on practically any kind of paper used in offices, and more ! you can use copy paper, duplicating paper, maplitho paper, bond sheets, stationary paper, card sheets, pre made envelopes, folders... the list is almost endless. So you can use the right paper for the right applications.

It helps you to efficiently manage your resources for maximum benefit.

Economical Riso Administrator

The Riso Administrator is probably the most cost effective solution in the world for multi print jobs. With low cost of printing, long product life, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, easy to install and run etc. are just some of the attributes which ensure that you get a solution that is not only efficient but also cost effective.

Easy to Use Riso Administrator

The Riso Administrator not only gives you above benefits but is also extremely easy to use. It is as easy to use as a photocopier or by just sending a print command on your PC or over the network, like any other printer. So no need for any specialized manpower or expensive training. Any one can use the Riso Administrator.

Do you…

Still using an outdated Stencil Duplicator / Cyclostyle machine ?

Want to replace it with a modern Digital Printer ?

Planning to buy a printing equipment for your Department ?

Wait !!!

Check out the Riso ‘Administrator' from Riso India

Riso 'Administrator' outperforms any copier/ Stencil Duplicator/Cyclostyle machine.

It is Faster, more Reliable, very Economical and Affordable.

The Riso graph / Riso Printers are the key asset to any government organisation to immediately meet their small & medium run length printing requirement faster than copier or offset machine.

The key to success of Riso in Government segment has been Print on-demand feature, Consistent non-stop print quality and reliability of the product.

Few Print Applications

  • Manuals & Circulars
  • Application forms of all types
  • Gazettes & Public notices
  • Personnel Forms & policy manuals
  • Govt. Directories
  • Census & questionnaires
  • Press releases & Administration information
  • Tender Forms etc.

It is used to print important documents like budgets, cause lists, legislative proceedings, etc & also print forms of all type, tenders, press releases, examination papers, reports, electoral rolls etc

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