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The RISO… Print Shop for Commercial Printer's
Building up the new horizon to Print Shop Market.

RISO Digital Duplicator/Printers has been unique value add to the Print shops Product Line to generate instant revenue without any hassles.

After the great success of RISO in Education & Government Segment, RISO expanded its wing in Printer Segment all over the word. Low cost, Instant Print on demand, versatility to print on Copier, Duplicating, Typing Paper at High speed with minimal manpower the RISO has established its utility in commercial segment.

Now RISO is the integral part of Print Shop Business set up all over the world as well known product as Print for Profit. The Print Shops all over the world enjoys consistent non stop print quality at a speed of 150-180 ppm that too while firing a print command from PC connectivity either via USB/ parallel or LAN environment.

The color ink change process in Riso Digital Duplicator is a matter of few seconds job as compared to huge Offset machines which takes 45 minutes to 1 hour time

RISO caters the need of small & Medium Printers to High volume printers by offerings ample range of Digital Duplicators to meet their print requirements depending on quality of printing expectations & the Budget.

Easy to Use and Very Convenient!

No Skilled labour is required to operate the machine. Even the proprietor himself/ herself could operate the Riso Digital Duplicator


Riso's technology makes the Riso Duplicator/Printers extremely robust & very reliable .
Riso products operate in all kinds of climatic conditions & environments.
Due to very low power consumption, most Riso models can operate even on a small battery UPS – NO DOWNTIME even during Power Cuts!

You can use wide variety of originals to Print – with just a press of a button!

  • Hard copy or Directly Print from your PC.
  • Hand written (even in Pencil) or Printed originals.
  • Texts, Graphs, Photos or a Combination.


Riso's concern for Environment ensures that its technology is very Eco-friendly.
Encourages use of Recycled paper.
Uses natural organic materials like Soya oil in its Inks.
Minimizes Power Consumption.
Produces very little, almost zero emissions.

Some of the key Benefits that RISO deliver to Printer Segment.

  1. No Pre-Press
  2. Ease of use
  3. Time efficiency
  4. On-demand printing
  5. Convenience
  6. Seconds to change the Color
  7. Low Power consumption
  8. Could also work on UPS
  9. Labour Cost

IF you planning to buy a Printer having versatile feature, economy and High speed and High print quality


Check out RISO …The Print Shop!

…The Riso Digital Duplicators are also used non-stop at Hospitals, Banks & Financial Institutions, Real Estates & Estate Agents , Religion Institutions too.

"Please contact us for a Live Demonstration of the Riso Digital Duplicator"