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RISO Consumables

The RISO is the only organization in its field who solely manufactures all 3 components in Anti-Static, Dust-free and State-of Art Technology Environment to ensure that their customers gets the  good quality & reliable product and good quality prints forever.

  1. Digital Duplicator
  2. Master Rolls
  3. Ink Cartridges

RISO formulates its consumables specifically to work in harmony with its each RISO Printer. Because RISO Digital Printing is fundamentally an ink-on-paper process, the quality and consistency of the ink used is of the utmost importance in creating a clean, sharp image. Each Model RISO ink is precisely formulated to work with the master material and the ink delivery system for the respective RISO Printer to ensure optimum print quality, as well as consistent performance under a variety of conditions.

RISO masters are developed specifically and only for the RISO printing process. The masters are manufactured to rigorous engineering specifications that allow the thermal print head to precisely replicate the digitally scanned image onto the master. Equally important, the master material is of exactly the right composition to place the correct amount of ink onto the paper.

RISO manufactures the emulsion ink, which is extremely stable, RISO ink can remain in the box or in the cylinder for long periods of time without the separation or change in viscosity that can result in poor quality printing and wasted ink. In addition, emulsion ink dries quickly, preventing the smudging & set-off

No other manufacturer or supplier can match these specifications. RISO masters are formulated to work perfectly with the master loading and disposal systems, as well as the thermal head that produces the image. RISO supplies ensure great, clear copy, consistent performance of machines.


To help you identify the genuine RISO ink and masters, following are some simple guidelines.

On the master box, master roll, ink box and ink cartridge always look for:

  • RISO symbol and logo as illustrated below.
  • Please note that these consumables are made in Japanby RISO Kagaku Corporation and the box will clearly indicate this.

You must look for the " The logo of RISO is a trademark of RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION "

To ensure consistent good print quality, reliability & optimum performance from RISO Printer/Digital Duplicator, please get in touch with our nearest  Channel partners for RISO consumables.

A range of 21 Standard Colors

The color add life to the print communication and these spot colors add impact to your printed material, RISO offers standard 21 colors to fulfill the printing need of the customers. Apart from these standard customer colors RISO too offers the custom colors which are only manufactured on customer request.

RISO color ink drums allow easy replacement  unlike traditional offset printers, without the need to disconnect any module/parts . This makes it easy to use color drums at any given point of time.

RISO Color Print Samples