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RISO presents the ComColor™ series full-color printers, five powerful machines engineered to print high volumes at ultra high speed, year after year. Specifically designed to give you the ultimate in ease of use, these advanced printers require virtually no operator training. What's more, they are also extremely economical - factor in the costs of labor and time, as well as consumables such as ink and paper, and you have unbeatable cost-performance. This low-cost operation is further enhanced by the printers' minimal consumption of electricity: unlike a copier that constantly heats a thermal print drum, the ComColor series use very little energy when not actually printing. It all adds up to the ideal solution for high-speed, high-volume, on-demand color printing with the ultimate in versatility, cost-efficiency and ease of use. energystar
High Speed Versatility
The ComColor 7050 offer all the features, versatility and convenience in a package designed for less-demanding users. The ComColor 7050 is the standard model, designed for offices, print rooms and schools, with output speed of 120 ppm*1, completing a 1,000 page document takes just a little over eight minutes making the ComColor 7050 perfect for most applications.
High Volume, High Performance
ComColor series printers are not only incredibly fast - they’re also built for heavy duty use with high volume print jobs. Maximum paper capacity is 2,500 sheets*4 meaning you can do long unattended print runs. And one set of CMYK ink cartridges*5 contain enough ink to print over 60,000 A4 pages*6, again meaning you can just start printing your document and then attend to other business while the printer gets the job done.
Slim and Compact
At just 121 cm wide and 102 cm high*7, ComColor printers pack incredible communication power into an extremely compact volume. Sized to fit almost anywhere and with an eye-pleasing design, these printers are the perfect answer to the high-speed, high-volume printing requirements of the modern office.
The ComColor Cost Advantage
The ComColor series is extremely economical, with an incredibly low cost per page for full-color printing. And the printers’ amazing speed and ease of use also reduce your time cost per job. Add in their eco-friendly low consumption of electricity, and you have powerful printing packages sure to satisfy the most cost-conscious.
In-line Print Heads for High Output Speed
FORCEJET™ printing technology is based on the high-performance ink jet technology developed for demanding commercial applications. Four wide in-line ink jet heads (cyan, black, magenta, yellow) are arranged in parallel, allowing full-color printing of A3/A4*4 size paper at a single pass. Eight-step control for each individual ink drop assures superb results even at these printers’ ultra high printing speeds.
High-Speed Duplex Printing
Printing both sides of the paper is as easy as single-sided printing - and just as fast. Once the front of a sheet is printed, the paper is reversed via a switchback, stackless mechanism that then allows the reverse to be printed. This innovative mechanism achieves astonishing print speeds of 60 sheets duplex/120 ppm simplex*8 dramatically improving productivity and also reducing paper consumption.
Straight Paper Path for Stable Feed
Paper feeds horizontally beneath the print heads in a straight path, helping to achieve high print speed with minimal print offset. Multiple sensors and motors give micro-control of paper feed to match ink quantity sprayed from the print heads.
Special Fast-Drying Ink
RISO developed special fast-drying oil-based inks for the ComColor series. Since they are fast-drying they allow ultra high-speed duplex printing, preventing transfer to the back of the following sheet when stacked in the output tray, and also eliminating paper curling. With both fade- and water-resistance, these inks are ideal for high-level business use.
Wide Print Area
With the use of an optional feed tray, the ComColor series printers can handle paper sizes up to 340 mm × 550 mm (13 3/8" × 21 5/8"). Maximum print area at 314 mm × 548 mm (12 3/8" × 21 9/16")*4, exceeds the size of A3 pages.


*1: A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing, plain paper (85 g/m2 (23-lb bond)) in standard mode (print density setting 3).
Chart used: Print measurement pattern [Color measurement sample 2 (JEITA standard pattern J6)]
*2: A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing in standard mode, based on office color printers using cut sheet commercially available as of May 2009. (Source: RISO data)
*3: When using plain paper (85 g/m2 (23-lb bond)).
*4: Available on ComColor 7050
*5: 1,000-milliter ink cartridges.
*6: A4 simplex, RISO color standard original (cyan, magenta, yellow, black total cover ratio 20 %) in standard mode (print density setting 3).
*7: ComColor main unit with Face Down Tray.
*8: A4 long-edge feed, continuous printing, plain paper (85 g/m2 (23-lb bond)) in standard mode (print density setting 3).
Chart used: Print measurement pattern [Color measurement sample 2 (JEITA standard pattern J6)]