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RISO Kagaku Corporation is one of the leading office automation companies in Japan . Established in 1946, the company was founded by Mr. Noboru Hayama. Mr. Akira Hayama is the President & CEO of RISO Kagaku Corporation . RISO is not only the innovator of the digital printing and duplicating process but is also the largest manufacturer of these systems in the world. Today, the company is the established world leader in emulsion ink, master films and digital printing and duplicating technologies.

RISO Kagaku Corporation is the world largest manufactures of Digital Duplicator. Riso machines are sold over 150 countries for fast and on demand printing of short & medium run length prints at very low running cost. Riso product portfolio includes machine with print speed ranging from 90 to 180 copies per minute and print area from A4 to A3.

RISO Strives to create fundamentally unique new technologies in paper based communication through an approach that emphasizes productivity, cost containment & versatility. Every product we manufacture delivers these benefits in a balance that offers the ideal solution to our customers in Education, Government, and Corporate & Commercial Printers.

At the same time, RISO carries on a tradition of caring of the world at large through our environmental & community support programs. Just as we are committed to delivering the ideal products & services.

The RISO has become synonymous to High Speed, High Quality & Low Cost Printing. It has got the convenience of copier, economy of cyclostyle machine and durability & reliability of an offset machine.


RISO India Pvt. Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of RISO Kagaku Corporation, Japan . It has a significant presence in India since 1986 and since then RISO has been meeting the expectation level of its customers in education, Government, corporate, commercial segment all across the India and neighboring countries.

RISO has also marked its presence into new arena of full color inkjet printing. RISO has been successful in creating its unique market in ink-jet printing segment. With the launch of COMCOLOR range, the worlds fastest Full Color Ink-Jet Printer, RISO has opened up new horizon in the field of communicating color at low running cost as High Speed office color printer or Color Risograph.

RISO customers in educational institutions, Government offices/organizations and commercial institutions/printers are already enjoying its benefits right from the installation of the machine.

RISO India Private Limited operates across the nation through their Authorised Channel Partners to provide sales and service support to the End customers & has 100+ service locations in India.

RISO Products are known world wide for its
     Product Quality – Very reliable
     Ease of operation – Any one can operate
     Very low printing cost