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Engineered for easy use Designed to enhance operating ease
Color LCD Touch Screen
The large 8.5-inch LCD touch screen puts all operations at your fingertips. The various screens are logically arranged for step-through, no-miss operation, and you can even put shortcuts to your most frequently-used commands on the top screen to speed up the entire printing process.
A large, easy-to-read LED confirms operations or even gives warning of errors, visible from across the room.
Easy-To-Read Font
The font used for all screens was specifically selected for reading ease. It’s just one more way RISO helps you get the most out of your printer.
A buzzer gives audible warning of errors, calling your attention from across the room and removing the need to stay in visual contact with the printer during operation.
Legible Coloring
All colors for the LCD control panel, buttons on the touch screen, LEDs, printer driver, console, etc. were carefully chosen to assure maximum readability.
Interrupt Copies
If you have a rush job but the printer is in the middle of a long print run, you can use the interrupt copies function to stop printing, run off your urgent job, and then resume printing of your original document.
Direct Access / Selections Entry
All major functions are displayed on the touch screen, and for added convenience you can place shortcuts to your most frequently-accessed commands on the top page.
Tray Handle Design
Handles for the paper trays are thoughtfully designed for ease of use: you can insert your hand from above or below to suit your convenience.
Front Access
Two front-mounted doors give quick, easy access to the printer’s interior. So changing ink is a simple, clean-hands operation, and clearing a paper jam is the work of a moment.
Tray Color
Tray colors are all carefully chosen to give at-a-glance confirmation of whether there is paper in the tray.