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Copy&Scan PS Option

ComColorExpress IS900C
An optional RIP system employing Adobe®PostScript® 3™ lets you print PostScript data created with DTP software. Processing and storage is fast thanks to an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor and 320 GB hard disk. The system comes with 139 fonts and commercially available PS fonts may also be installed. You can rely on the power of Adobe PostScript 3 to accurately print the most complex, visually rich documents.
Form Printing
Company letterheads, logos and the like can be stored and set up in a form, ready for the inclusion of variable data for any individual job. This handy function is perfect for official communications, company newsletters or any other application requiring a consistent format. Duplex printing with different forms on the front and back of sheets is also possible.
Variable Print Jobs (PPML*)
This lets you switch out data for DM shots and the like to match individual customer information such as names and addresses, allowing you to print personalized letters, invitations, etc. It’s the essential tool for one-to-one marketing operations.

* Available with "IS900C Professional Package".
Archive Function
Save jobs to the archive as RIP data and you can print them directly from the job manager, saving you the time and bother of resending and reprocessing the print data again. This is ideal for jobs that require frequent reprinting. For further versatility, you can rearrange jobs, insert blank pages, and even combine multiple archive jobs*.

* Available with "IS900C Advanced Package" or "IS900C Professional Package".
Custom Print Queue
The print queue system allows multiple jobs to be sent to the printer simultaneously, where they are queued for later output. You can create queues to match your usage patterns and assign print settings for each individual purpose, further raising printing efficiency.
Clustering for Greater Efficiency
If you have multiple ComColor printers, you can "cluster" them with one printer acting as the master and up to 4 machines as slaves. Clustering then automatically allocates print jobs in the most efficient way, either by diverting a job from a busy printer to one that is idle, or by spreading the job across multiple machines for parallel processing to finish the job even faster.

Finishing Options

RISO's wide range of options allows you to customize your printer to exactly match the way you want to work. A selection of stacking trays lets you specify how the printer stacks your documents, while the Envelope Feed Kit and Card Feed Kit broaden your printing horizons. And the multifunction finisher opens up a whole new world of automated versatility, giving your documents a genuinely professional look.
Face Down Tray / Face Down Offset Tray
Specify which of these options you desire when you place your order for the printer. The Face Down Tray neatly stacks your finished documents, while the Face Down Offset Tray offsets each individual complete document, making them easy to separate.
Multifunction Finisher
This versatile finisher saves time and trouble, automatically punching holes, stapling, folding booklets, and even center-stapling booklets. It’s the fast, efficient way to turn out truly professional-looking documents*.

* Available features differ depending on printable area of ComColor main unit.

RISO Auto-control Stacking Tray II / Wide Stacking Tray
Paper guides on the RISO Auto-control Stacking Tray II automatically open to the correct width to match the paper supply selected. The Wide Stacking Tray is designed to accept larger paper sizes, up to 340 mm x 550 mm (13 3/8" x 21 5/8").
Envelope Feed Kit / Card Feed Kit
The optional Envelope Feed Kit and Card Feed Kit further broaden the printer’s range of applications. As the names suggest, the Envelope Feed Kit lets you print envelopes up to 270 mm x 382 mm (10 5/8" x 15 1/16"), while the Card Feed Kit lets you print on heavier stock up to 400 g/m2 (107-lb bond).
Continuous Output
With the RISO Auto-controlled Stacking Tray II or Multifunction Finisher attached, the printer will automatically switch over to the secondary output tray when the primary tray is full. This allows very long print runs without the need for an operator in attendance.